Oh my

Here’s the most annoying thing about institutional websites – the way they put My in front of their websites. Like My NRMA, My MBF and even My MBF. I mean come on – if I wanted to own any part of the RTA I’d have to have a death wish and be named Tripodi. When it comes to the RTA,  just want to pay my rego fees and then get the flock out of the website.

I guess some market research suggested these monoliths need to be more personal, intuitive, touchy feely and generally nicer to hang out with. And someone from The Gruen Transfer was paid a substantial incentive fee to suggest that it might actually be cheaper to change a website to My than make more people like you.

The thing is – I think I should have a choice about weather this is my or not something belongs to me. If I didn’t buy it, or it isn’t something that used to belong to grandma, then well, it’s probably not mine. Now if we are talking here about the last slice of chocolate cake, or spending quality time with George Clooney, ok I accept. But My MBF, My RTA, My NRMA and My Schools – come on big organisations – don’t try to be my friend unless you really mean it.


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