Congratulations – you are you’re own clerk

I’m really sick of big corporations forcing us to be our own clerks. Whether it’s printing our own boarding passes to entering our own health receipts for health insurance to purchasing a toll pass, we now have to do the job that someone else did for us. What’s more, we have to negotiate each company’s processes and intricacies each time. 

 Once upon a time we had people – clerks, cranky or not, at least they did a boring job for us, so we could get on with our lives without having to print out movie tickets, affix baggage stickers or grapple with online tax. And it meant that companies – even if they were ripping us off – were providing some sort of service and even employing actual people. Nowadays fat cat corporates are licking their lips and we are running around filling up the printer, the toner, ordering new supplies, spending our hard-earned free time doing the work of insurance, ticketing and banking clerks.

So, that’s what computers, globalisation and the greatest period of economic wealth ever has done for us. Thank you G20.


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