Movies with no ending

movies with no ending

What is it about movies with no endings? I’m realy sick of investing 2 hours and $10 of my life getting emotionally invested, go through the whole illness, divorce, tough college years, brush with the mob, court case, pregnancy scare, car chase through Athens and nuclear terrorist threat only to have some half-arsed ending, where you’re not really sure what happened.

Like many people, I thought this was a trendy new cinematic device, meant to signify the ambiguity of the character’s angst continuum.  Actually I think it’s because they’ve run out of money to pay the scriptwriters for the final scene, so they thought, what the hell we’ll just do a fade out to confusing music, but actually it seems this wishy washy non-ending ending has been around for yonks. On the weekend I saw Three Days of the Condor, and even Robert Redford in 70’s bodyshirt in his prime, couldn’t take away that horrible feeling that tastes like No Ending.

I for one am sick of it. If there is no ending – tell us at the beginning. Or have a rating system. Like there is for PG, MA have NEWT – No Ending Was Told or F.O. Finale Off.

Time is precious, and stories are there for telling, not weaselling out of and saying it’s for the audience for decide. No, it’s not. That’s called theatre sports where the audience decides.

Before I spend my $7 I want an ending baby.



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