Diary of a mancold

Pre-cold situation – had very sore shoulder. This may be as a result of having a very sore shoulder or could be a flu symptom. I am on high alert.

Day 1 – got out of bed and felt a little tired. Slight scratchiness around throat. This is serious. May have to take day off.

Day 2 – thought about taking the day off but decided to soldier on. Man of action, important emails to read, Facebook to check. Twitter too.  Very busy day. Felt terrible, at death’s door, but had to keep going.

Day 3 – woke up very sick. Sniffled nose. What will I do? I have morning tea meeting today. Perhaps I’ll go in but let everyone know (for their own awareness) that I HAVE A COLD.

Day 4 – Very tough day yesterday. Not only did I have a sniffley nose but scratchy throat. How I got through the day I have no idea. I had to let people know in case they thought it was really serious, you know cancer or something. Anyway they took it well. Actually a little more concern wouldn’t kill them. Not a single card or get well call. I can’t understand the thoughtlessness of my colleagues. All they think of is their free morning tea.

Day 5 – I now have a little headache. There is no way I can go in today. But just remembered it is the staff bbq today. Who would tell the jokes? Executive decision to be made. Spent the morning in bed and went in for the bbq – and went home again. Some people gave me strange looks. Poor things – they’re just not used to seeing a person so sick, bravely coming into work like that. Wife asked me to pick up a bbq chicken on the way home. I couldn’t believe she’s asking me to fix dinner at a time like this. Does she not realise how ill I am? Clearly not. Defied orders.

Day 6 – Starving. Wife overreacted and went out with friends. I had to eat day old bread. I mean how can a man get better after a serious illness without a full dinner service?

Day 7 – Slight improvement. but must be careful as a relapse can happen at any time. I don’t know how I got through the last week. No sympathy, no chocolates, no hot chicken soup, no specially made-up honey drinks. Wife horrible to me. What’s the point in having a life threatening illness if no one cares? Just wait till they have a flu like this. That’ll show em. I mean I could have died.


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