Take off your shoes, we value your business

I’ve recently come back from the States where security is ramped up to an insane degree. All thanks to the shoe bomber, customers (and I use that word loosely) now have to take off their shoes, belt, scarf and coat and are bossed around by cranky men in too-tight pants.

It’s got me thinking – why are we putting ourselves through this? No-one likes it, it’s probably not going to catch the people it’s designed to catch and it has turned airline travel – once a premium experience – into the aviation equivalent of catching an overnight Greyhound bus from Echuca to Kalgoorlie.

Sure, I know there are business people to meet, family to visit, long weekends away to scrape out some measure of fun from our hum drum slogfest of a life – but I’m seriously thinking the airline biz is just not worth it.  There’s the drive to the airport, the extortionate parking price, which negates the cost of a cheap ticket, the unedifying spectacle of people taking off their shoes at 7am. Next we’ll have to stand up like animals in a pig pen and pay to use the toilet. Oh, wait, that just happened.

I’m thinking the Greyhound bus is a more civilised way to go. You get to keep your shoes on and can take your nail clippers onboard. And roadhouse food beats Jetstar’s glop anyday.


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