A bone to pick with school zones

Life in the medium/slow lane has many annoyances. Like people who drive 4WD’s for instance, but that’s a whole other rant.

But one of the most annoying things ever is school zones. There’s no nice way of being nice about school zones: they’re annoying, they’re every 50 metres (or so it seems), school’s always just out when you drive through them, and they make no difference anyway because every single parent is picking up their kid in their all-purpose 4WD, so that they don’t have to (perish the thought) walk or catch public transport. In all the years of school zones, I’ve only ever seen one student. It’s true.

And dressing them up with a fancy pants name like dragon’s teeth doesn’t do it for me either. I know when I’m seeing a Harry Potter movie, and Sydney traffic might be a nightmare, but fantasy it ain’t.

Plus is there any evidence that school zones work? What about the opposite argument that they only make things worse because the driver is constantly going into and out of the zone (so to speak), which makes them crazy and erratic and lose concentration right when they need it.

And … it’s not teaching kids to take responsibility. Kids need to learn right now that it’s a jungle out there and no-one is going to watch your back and it’s a big world and everybody’s crazy. As soon as you have that sorted, trust me, life’s a whole lot simpler. Then all you’ve got to worry about is taxes, mortgages, nuclear war and existential angst – the easy stuff.

But back to school zones – Bazza O’Fazza could abolish them now, another four terms guaranteed right there, Bazza. I’m sure that it wouldn’t make any difference to the road toll, if anything it makes for a less stressful trip and a less stressful road trip is a safer trip which means safer roads. Then dragon’s teeth could be restored to their rightful place – a Harry Potter movie and not on NSW roads.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more… the School Zone is proverbial bull. It does nothing whatsoever for safety, just raises the frustation level of drivers, which makes it even less safe for pedestrians. But furthermore it removes the responsibility from the kid running onto the road; removes the responsibility from parents and teachers teaching kids to “Look to the right, look to the left and look to the right again”… But it does provide yet another legal means of government theft from average Joe Citizen. Which makes me wonder how the Australian public puts up with government using all these traffic fines for State revenue… it is all too much like a conflict of interests really isn’t it? The only way that the government could gain any respect from the public when it comes to traffic fine collection is to give all fines collected equally to registered charities… after all they need it more than your average bloody politician. But seriously it is a conflict of interest – government lining its pockets with fines that they charge honest citizens for dubious offences with little or no safety bearing. Short of State cash? Lets make another tax or offence – raise the quota for police revenue raising… Lets put in a few more School Zones on primary roads nowhere near the actual school to catch a few more unsuspecting citizens with speed cameras – oh and be sure to not make it too clear that it is a School Zone, otherwise they’ll slow down and we won’t get our money!!!! Fuck the government and the pathetic little do-gooders that think School Zones will save their kids without having to train kids to look before they run onto the damn road. Abolish the School Zone Barry O’Farrell and we’ll vote for you for the next three hundred terms of government… you want to get on the good side of the public? There is one perfect way.


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