Overachievers make me want to rant

These are the people I hate: overachievers.

You know them – Double PhD in Psychological Neurowave Particles, seven initials after their name and a roving spot on the UN. Not to mention a Pilot’s License, being Goodwill Ambassador to Upper Ghana and a couple of Olympic Medals in badminton that they got when they were bored one day.

A stint on Time Magazine – no problem. A TV Network to run, a few books to their name and polyglot status – it’s all in a day’s work.

Hate em, hate em, hate em.

Do these people not sleep? Or breathe, cook dinner, wash up or sit down with takeaway in front of the telly? Or sit down at all?

They are like Bear Grylls, just insanely overachieving for no good reason that I can see. And, like Bear, possibly have no actual life skills. Could you see Bear operating an office coffee machine? No. Could he negotiate a multi-story carpark without wanting to stab himself in the eye with a fork? I think not. The same with these overachievers.

Do they know how to borrow a book from the library for instance? Or book a movie ticket or make a cup of tea?

Sure, anyone can get a Doctorate in Psycho-Kinetic Scuba Diving, be President, read the news or run a media empire.

But getting up in the morning every day and making your own breakfast – that takes real guts.


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