Evidence shows lawyers just not that good looking

When in the year 3067 historians study the current era, they will ask one question. Why did they make lawyers so goodlooking on TV?

Take Crownies for instance. In real life a pouty, leggy blonde would be an Eastern European tennis star – not a young solicitor. Take The Good Wife – in real life a sultry, yet put-upon wife would be a football wife with a book to flog, not a high-powered lawyer. If she could keep a job.

And going back slightly in time – Ally McBeal – in real life she would have been a prostitute or maybe working at Wendy’s. Maybe. Just maybe.

But still, TV likes to churn out legal courtroom drama after drama populated with actors who look like they are out of Project Runway, only wearing glasses trying to convey the message that they are smart supermodels.

Also, these same programs like to pretend that legal work is fulfilling and exciting. I have one word for these scriptwriters – conveyancing.

Apparently there is a glut of graduates coming out of law school – there are way more people than jobs. I’m not surprised, what impressionable teenager wouldn’t want to be a lawyer after ten minutes of watching a legal show. So why don’t the production wonks solve our skills crisis by making some other jobs sexy? Like garbology for instance, someone to clean the toilets at Sydney Airport or someone to run the Italian economy.

And why don’t they take a better look at a real life lawyer. Chances are they don’t have a face for television.


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