Hex on Hornsby

Near where I live is a shopping centre that smells like a death-eater. Let’s call it Hornsby.

Hornsby should work. How about these factoids: train station – check, shopping centre – check, nearby posho private schools – check, surrounding affluence – check, business hub – check.

Yet, this affluence has had an effluent affect. Or just hasn’t got through to the right people, as Hornsby, which many people thought 20 years ago would be the next Chatswood, is more like the next Lithgow, with a dash of Milperra mixed in.

New Hornsby is a garishly unappealing mix of shopping centre architecture and boutique two dollar shops.

Old Hornsby is a jumble of shopfronts that weren’t even cutting edge in the 70’s, mostly populated with takeaway that was cooked possibly in the 70’s. I should point out that there are a few eateries, which have defied orders and are dishing out great food in funky surroundings. They will be taken out and punished later.

New and Old Hornsby are magically linked by a concrete graffitied walkway, with smashed plastic windows and a smell that can only be described as urine meets railway.

Luckily there are people we can blame for the quagmire of Hornsby. Unluckily they are the council, so nothing much will ever happen. It’s also a safe Liberal seat so there goes any State or Federal interest. Meanwhile what could be a thriving, buzzy business, commercial and foodie hub on the north shore is left to rot away or slink into oblivion.

I hope one day the hex is lifted and Hornsby can be the new Chatswood or at least the new Revesby. Now that would be something to aim for.

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