Grey times in Emerald City

Recently in Sydney there’s been a spate of bad, sad weather. Doona days, raining cats and dogs, crap weather, call it what you will, the weather’s been ordinary. (Unless you like to watch TV and sit on your computer – in which case it has been the best weather ever!)

Sydneysiders, despite their laid-back persona invented by the Lonely Planet, are a mob of moaners. And moan we did about the wintery December-January and now February weather.

It seems wrong to moan about the weather when most people in the world are doing it a bit tough, but we probably had good reason. Without sparkly blue skies, warm temperatures and those afternoon tropical breezes sent from Adelaide, Sydney’s got nothing. Nothing people!

It’s a gaggle of airport-style shops in the CBD, a world-famous beach lined with tourist tat and tattoo parlours and little public transport to take you there. Oh yeah, sure there’s the harbour and Opera House, but in dull weather, they just look … dull.

Take Melbourne (which mysteriously has taken our good weather), but even on a bad day, Melbourne’s got taste, class and, as Jane Austen would say, “connections”. Ill-wind from Tasmania? No problem. Shops, tennis and cafes. And in nice weather? Shops, tennis, cafes and parks. Just like it says on the box.

When the weather improves, Sydney’s sins are forgotten. Once again it becomes that sparkling Emerald City. But when the weather turns bad AGAIN, the Emerald City is like a fake tan – it looks wrong in the rain.

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