Nigella’s bum bites Julia

There’s been a lot of coverage on the way Julia Gillard looks. Shoes, missing shoes, hair, White Lady Funerals jacket, nose and bum, bum, bum. Cartoonists and Alan Jones have gone crazy for that bum. Slow news day? Big bum shot and problem solved. Julia on the world stage hobnobbing with Hilary and swapping card tricks with Barack? Bum shot. Whatever the event, the bottom line for TV networks is  – go the bum.

Nigella on the other hand, that’s a bum you’ll never see. Shrouded in secrecy and a long black skirt, she’s clearly more than happy for a cardi cleavage close-up, but bum? I’ve never seen footage of Nigella from behind, or in fact of her behind.

Now, I’m personally not cranky about this. If I was Nigella’s bum, I’d insist on that kind of clause too. If I was Julia, however, I’d be pretty cranky. Because she’s just an average middle-aged woman (truth be told she’s a lot slimmer than the average middle-aged Aussie) and she’s getting a disproportionate amount of unflattering bum shots. Whereas Nigella is getting off scott-free. And you can’t tell me all that chocolate isn’t wobbling around somewhere.

OK, so Julia’s a pollie she signed up for this. Well, yes she did, but probably when she started her career she wasn’t worrying about wall-to-wall bum shots. And it’s probably not her biggest worry at the moment.

So, the moral of this is, cooking is a lot kinder than politics. But as Malcolm (“Trousers”) Fraser said, life’s not meant to be easy.

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