Plenty of parking … on another planet

You know the scenario. You’re going to a new place at night, let’s call it a restaurant in a place you’re not familiar with. You check the website about parking. No problem, the website asures you in that bright breezy website speak. There’s plenty of street parking or you can park in the supermarket carpark opposite.

Hooray! Potential parking nightmare solved. You drive to the place, spot the restaurant and as for parking – forget about it. It’s like Bethlehem at Christmas time – only you’ll need more than a very bright star and a vat of myrrh to find a park for anything larger than a unicycle.

And supermarket opposite? Well opposite turns out to mean down the street, to the left, hang right and round a roundabout. In other words … you’ll never find it.

We all know that Sydney is an overrated, overparked city. So … don’t make out on the webite that parking is a cinch. Because it’s not, and it kind of puts a dampener on the night that can’t be fixed by alcohol. Because at some point you know that you’ll have to be sober enough to perform a 16 point turn to wedge your car out of the strangulated demi carspot you found 5 kilometres away.

And it doesn’t matter how good your tower, your confit or your dugustation of asparagus done eight ways is, if you tell us there’s plenty of street parking and there’s not, next time … well, there won’t be a next time.


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