Gay marriage – it’s the economy stupid

Factoid for today: the wedding industry in Australia (according to the SMH via IBISWorld) has a turnover of $4.3 billion and employs about 54,000 people. The wedding industry makes roughly the same contribution to the Australian economy as the baby products and cheese manufacturing industries.

I’m not good with numbers, but that sounds pretty big.

The average cost of a wedding is around $36k – but many people spend as high as $48k. The reason it is so high is that we can’t outsource it to Chindia. (Generally). Most people still marry in Australia, which means high local labour costs, high function centre costs – food, drink, flowers etc. Apart from the dress, there’s not that much you can get cheaply overseas.

So, here’s my plan. We have a two-speed economy, right? WA is through the roof and the east coast in the doldrums. SA? Who cares. So, let’s stimulate the economy by legalising gay marriage. Most people couldn’t give a rats anyway.

The economy of Sydney in particular would go through the roof. They are cashed up and ready to go, and well, don’t mind a bit of OTT stuff that only a wedding can provide.

Julia – it’s a votewinner and the only thing I can think of that will stimulate the economy. Plus small business is the winner, not fat cat mining giants. It’s sounding better and better.

It’s not a moral issue … it’s the economy stupid.


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