Sydney restauranteurs take the cake

The other day I came across a rare beast: a restaurant in a popular location with mains under $35 AND including vegetables. I’m so excited I’m going to make a booking, just to reward them for not being greedy.

I’m sick of restaurants trying to make us feel that $42 for a (small) hunk of meat on a plate and $16 for a salad is something to feel grateful for. Dining in Sydney (along with shopping for handbags and catching a train) is expensive but I think it is time we demanded a proper meal.

I’ve checked out online the prices of Manhatten restaurants (I have no idea what I did with my life Before Google) and I can confirm we are ripped off. An upmarket restaurant in the funky Meatpackers District of Manhatten, is around $32. OK, it does not include much in the way of vege and granted, does not include a service fee, but it’s in Manhatten! Cue New York New York music!

Much as we try it on, Manhatten is a thought, food and cultural leader and Sydney will always be the bridesmaid.

Being the bridesmaid can have its advantages. Too, too many to mention in this rant. But the point is, we are not a world style leader (unless you like trakkies) and we shouldn’t have stratospheric restaurant prices.

I’m voting with my mouth and my feet and boycotting so-called fine dining restaurants that charge a motza and a half because I think its time Sydney restaurants stop feeding us that line that they are worth it.

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