Leaving Las Sydney – with a giant traffic mess

Another June long weekend, another trailer-park sized traffic headache for Sydney. Although it’s the start of winter, the pathetic lure of a single day off to spend freezing on the beach is too tempting and squillions of people left Sydney. Or attempted to do so. The roads were carnage meets mayhem meets chaotica. And not in a jolly Italian wedding kind of way.

As the lovely Annabel Crabb said so eloquently, at approximately 4.40pm on the Friday: “Any thoughts of leaving Sydney are a fast receeding dream.”

It’s true lots of people went away for the weekend. Lots of people tried to go away but got stuck. Lots of people stayed in Sydney too and got stuck. The problem is there are too many people competing for too few car lanes. The only way to get anywhere in Sydney on a long weekend or get out of Sydney is to possibly be driving an ambulance – and even then it’s banked up 10km’s. The solution? I’m all out, but I’ve got the blame sorted. I’m sure somehow Tony Abbott and Nick D’Arcy are to blame. And so, I hate to say it, is Bob Carr. Erudite though he is, he was premier for a lomg time and we are now taking a long time to get anywhere. And then it rains.


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