Mike Whitney packs a crystalline punch

I know it’s cheesy with an extra dollop of spray-on cheese with fake bacon bits on the top, but I love Sydney Weekender. This gem of a show has been going to air on channel 7 since the Hawke-Keating administration. Well, I just made that bit up, but let’s just say yonks.

It’s hosted by Mike Whitney, an everyman’s everyman – a knockabout middle aged sporting hero who, by the looks of him, hasn’t done too much in the way of bodyline bowling for a decade or so.

But what he lacks in a six-pack, he makes up for with ENTHUOOOOSIAM. Which is pretty hard to do given he’s been doing the show for so long, and seriously how many free weekends away, farmgate trails and champagne by the beach can a human being do without getting jaded?

Anyway, the point of this rant is that I was surprised to learn recently Mike Whitney travels with crystals. Yes, you heard right. It wasn’t a slip of the typewriter there – Mike Whitney and crystals. It shouldn’t even be the same sentence. What is a member of Australia‘s baggy green club with a beer gut going all woo woo for? He uses them for meditation and they make handy gifts for people he meets on his travels. And a little yellow one protects his luggage. Which is nice.

I’m there, I’m up for a little new age frou frou frivolity myself. Well, why not? Those little coloured crystals are so damn cute, like little boiled lollies, and you need all the help you can get in life. But I’m just surprised that a middle-aged cricketer is into this and admits it!

But it got me thinking. What else is surprising about people? What other pairings wouldn’t you expect (apart from Liz and Shane). Miranda Devine a part-time reiki master? Tony Abbott making Girl Guide Cookies? Bindi Irwin culling kangaroos?

Anyway the bottom line is it’s great to be a bit two (or even three or four) dimensional, to have a bit of yin and yang going on. At the very least it keeps the marketers confused – and that’s got to be a good thing.


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