Gold, gold, gold for McDonalds

It’s back. That two week interlude into our lives. Those two weeks where we suddenly become an expert on dressage or the triple double point high jump. Those two weeks when dreams come true in the most amazing way possible. And that’s just for McDonalds.

The Olympic Games have turned into a mass opportunity for McDonalds (and all the other major sponsors) to tap into a brand new market, which for them must be like winning the relay. Just think – two weeks of global telly rights, and chuck in a million or so people every day passing through the Olympic Gates. It is like the Lost City of Atlantis, only with better plumbing.

Sport, is a sideline, an afterthought to the greatest marketing gig on earth. It’s just that somebody forgot to tell the athletes. Poor pets – they think they’ve been getting up at 3.30am all these years to prove the limits of human endeavour. For that, you have Boris Johnson.

The question is why do we keep watching the Olympics, just for the sake of a little reflected glory for ten minutes, before we all get back to squabbling about boat people and the carbon tax. Well, I guess I’ve just answered my own question there.

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