Desperately searching for hidden media gold

Something is missing from this year’s olympics for the Aussie press. Apart from actual gold medals, we don’t have a national new superstar. Last time it was Stephanie Rice, in Sydney it was Cathy Freeman, Athens, the Thorpedo was still around.

This olympics there’s no bright-eyed, gold-winning new kid on the block. The closest we have is Kim Crow, the rower. She ticks a few boxes: young, blond, nice … but silver, not gold, gold, gold. And there’s another problem – she doesn’t do social media. At least not when she’s competing.

Not only do we have a gold drought, we have a nice happy Aussie-values story. It’s got so bad that we’ve started to adopt Britain’s icons – Jess Ennnis she feels kind of like ours now. Surely there’s some Aussie connection somewhere? Some pet dot called Oz somewhere in the family tree? She just seems so nice, friendly, relaxed – SHE’S OURS!

Plus we can claim any of the three golds NZ has so kindly snared on our behalf for us. Thanks Kiwis – those rowing golds are coming in mighty handy now. Oceania is the winner! Australasia, gold, gold, gold … but still no new media darling.

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