Fat cat olympics officials in the money race

$170 million isn’t that much. Not if you are John Coates. He’s a man already sitting on $100 mil and clearly he needs more.

It’s not for him. It’s for Straya.

See, according to John’s magic formula: money + John Coates Olympic foundation = gold for Straya. Forget silver and bronze – they are for losers.

John’s magic formula is not his (a little like the million dollars). It’s the formula used by countries to plan for gold medals. Countries with a bit of spare change that is, not say, Moldovia or any country connected with Eddie the Eel.

But there’s something rather dispiriting about what is meant to be an amateur sports event being manipulated and having the buggery spreadsheeted out of it for the sake of gold medals. It’s what happens when the olympics is run by accountants. Or fat cat bureaucats.

I know it’s reality. It just seems somehow deeply wrong.

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