Dopey scandal – Channel 9 olympics coverage

Channel 9‘s olympics coverage has bounced between smarmy and confused. If these were qualities in a person then you’d cross the road to avoid them. However if you are on free to air TV, it’s not really an option. Unless you like watching repeats of Inspector Rex on SBS (actually I do!).

But back to the dog called Channel 9. What really gets my goat is that Channel 9 have two whole extra channels to play with. So, they could have easily and cheaply shown the olympics on two channels – one for games like basketball, hockey, heck why not throw in a little of the Swedish handball game. And the main showcase channel (ie 9 itself) for segments of all the other stuff – gymnastics, track and field, swimming.

At the moment, they are jumping around from sport to sport like channel surfing is an olympic sport. Then when Usain and the girls rowing clashed, they couldn’t decide what to do so they installed the split screen, a filming device not seen since 1973.

It is hard to believe that in this age of youtube, pay tv and internet that channel 9 could treat us so badly – and get away with it.

Nothing less than a parliamentary enquiry is needed. Next time, channel 9 shouldn’t be allowed to go near the olympics. The whole thing should be given to the ABC – channel 2 for the main events, channel 24 can be used for spillover events, Wilko can commentate and Wendy and Ange can host.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! There aren’t enough superlatives in all the languages of the world & undiscovered planets including sci-fi that could even come close to describing how bad these guys suck.when it comes to coverage they did an excellent job of promoting their own agenda & repeatedly showing the same AD campaigns over & over again, their pursuit of excrapcellence was legendary & will forever be etched in the forefront of my soon to be labotomised brain so I can try & forget the damage caused, is it any wonder people pay for their entertainment,I mean come on, with the fact that this is 2012 and not the first Olympics ever’s a freaking joke!


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