Who are those other Jamaican sprinters?

Usain‘s got some moves. And so does Johan Blake.

Between them they could run a mime acting school. Let’s see; lightning bolt, prayer, lion, haircut, messiah – yeah they’ve got the full range of actions you could ever want.

We love the pantomime. Usain and his trusty sidekick, Blake, are crazy mad, and we could watch them for hours. It also kinda helps that they can outrun the Americans. And everyone else.

But spare a thought for his compatriots. After the mens 4 x 100m relay you would think it was a two-man show. The cameras were firmly fixed on Bolt and Blake.

During the medal presentation, the antics continued. But only by Bolt and Blake. The other two Jamaicans (this was a team effort!) were strangely normal. Even a little bit peeved.

Maybe they were thinking: Enough already. Can you just put a sock in it. Yeah, we’ve seen it before. Can you just shut up and be still, can we get our medals and be out of here. Enough with the theatrics. 

The thing is, I don’t even know the names of the other Jamaican sprinters who won gold in the men’s relay. The media is obsessed with Bolt – understandably so – but he’s probably not the only Jamaican who can run really fast.


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