Channel 9’s post race interviews just not cricket

I know we cannot expect too much from channel 9. As a West Wing fan, I know that they cannot even tell the time and would be hard-pressed to tell you the date. They are working to capacity on so many things that the rest of us learnt in kindergarten.

They should never have been given the responsibility of Olympics coverage (see previous rant), and true-to-form, their athletics reporters have mangled the post-race interview.

For instance, the athletics reporter. Who is he? I know don’t know. But I know he is very good at sucking up big-time to Usain Bolt, but when it comes to a two-bit Aussie athlete, he’s a bully.

These athletes have just come off the field; they’ve lost; the dream is over and he asks: “What went wrong?” Where did the strategy fail? How do you feel?

I’m waiting for someone to say suicidal, because to be honest, that’s the way they look. They haven’t even had a chance to internalise it, talk to their coach, girlfriend, boyfriend, mum and here comes channel 9. Bullseye. Right between the eyes.

When channel 9 interviewed sprinter John Steffensen after a disappointing race (well he’s not Jamaican – he never had a chance!), channel 9 went further. They said John Steffensen frequently fails to deliver and asked him what he was going to do about it. It was wrong question, wrong time. (Plus these people are athletes – not Mensa candidates!)

Well channel 9, John Steffensen is friends with Usain, so what are you going to do about that, huh? And Usain’s coming to Australia too and is going to hang out with John. They are coming straight to your hood, they are going to smack you around a bit just where it hurts and then ask you what went wrong?


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