Our passive aggressive poor excuse of a flag

RIP Aussie Flag and good riddance I say! Having seen our passive aggressive poor excuse of national emblem at the olympics (admittedly not on the top of as many podiums as the Australian Olympic Committee would like), it looks pathetic.

It’s going nowhere, our flag. In part, it’s clinging onto someone else’s flag; with a couple of stick-on stars on the rest of it. Big deal. All countries have stars (yeah, I know it’s the Southern Cross, but again – big deal).

The flag as it stands, presents Australia as an unconfident, unsure, confused kind of place. Not to mention, a nation of fashion tragics.

Maybe that was the problem with our olympians – they just couldn’t get inspired when they looked up and saw our wishy-washy, fence-sitting flag.

It’s 2012. Why can’t we get our own flag? A good, strong one, not designed by a committee.

OK sure Great Britain, USA and France have grabbed all the good ones. But look at Japan and Canada – simple strong designs that are immediately identifiable.

At the moment our flag is a bad joke, even worse than our swim team’s performance. Setting fire to the flag is too good for it – we need a brand new flag.

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