No fighting those spiking Vikings – they are uber-cool right now

So when exactly did Scandinavia become cool?

When exactly was the tipping point for pedestrian crime stories to become edgy? When did Denmark nab the best restaurant in the world, Noma, surpassing anything Italy or France or for that matter, Thailand or Vietnam? When did Scandi cinema become seen as more than just people in cardigans drinking coffee earnestly in blond wood Ikea chairs?

Is it the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo effect? Is it that everyone loves a Viking? Is it just that the world is a small place and we’re running out of places that could be the next big thing?

Or could it be that Scandinavia really does have the best food, literature in the world? It already has the best looking people (if you don’t believe me go straight to Copenhagen and swoon), so why not grab the whole triffecta?

I don’t know really what it is, but I do know this. Like everything else, it will eventually fall the way of legwarmers and shrimps on the barbie. Australia too was flavour of the month a while back, and now look at us. Nuff said.

The mantle of “world’s best” will fall to somewhere else – Jamaica perhaps? It’s got a head start.


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