Want proof that people are stupid? Queue for food at the Blue Gum

Has capitalism failed? Or is it just that people are stupid?

Kinda both. But it’s the best system we’ve got, and until the aliens land, people are the highest form of life we have.

But really, you sometimes have to wonder.

Take an ordinary Friday or Saturday night at The Blue Gum in Waitara in Sydney’s north. The food is overpriced and devoid of vegetables (note to Blue Gum – garnish is not a vegetable), there’s no table service, the menu is uninspired and the queue, is snaking around the room.

That’s bad enough. Throw in a sporting event and the queue goes way past the toilets and nearly out the door. Why? Well, people are stupid.

The Blue Gum is not the only pub in Hornsby. But it does have parking, it’s by a train station and, and, and, well can’t think of anything else.

The beer is not cheap and the food is a rip-off – sorry but a $26 tiny steak and mash, then another $8 for vegetables for a non-table service meal and that’s a rip-off in my book and not a very healthy way to eat, given almost no-one forks out an extra $8 for vegies.

Also it’s cold. There’s one open fire in winter that is nice if you are sitting on the one and only table close to the fire, otherwise it’s freezing. If it is a Friday or Saturday night the hundreds of bodies provide free heating. If you are there any other night you are clearly a die-hard so don’t count, in the Blue Gum School of Rip Offs.

I’m trying to boycott the Blue Gum. But it’s hard given some of my friends have joined the Bluey cult. Until then I’ll keep ranting until maybe someday someone will listen, people will vote with their feet in the best tradition of capitalism, the population will be intelligent and well-informed and order to the universe restored.


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