Apple’s customer service leaves a sour taste

I have only had good experiences with Apple. My iPhone (an old model now) works perfectly despite a few concrete nosedives. When we got an iPad recently it was a nice purchasing experience. Admittedly it was a Monday morning and the staff didn’t have anything else to do, but it worked for us.

But that’s all changed. The other day my husband went to buy the latest iPhone, which has been released for around two weeks. But it seems they didn’t want our business.

According to Apple we couldn’t buy the new iPhone outright. We could buy on a plan, but if we wanted to buy it outright we needed to order it online and IF (a big if) it was available Apple would email us and tell us a timeslot that suited them for us to pick up. If we didn’t come in at the designated time we’d lose it. In other words, forget about anything you, the customer, had planned to do. Apple will decide if you buy an iPhone and the time and day you will buy it. What is this? The Soviet Union circa 1975? Apple – you are running a business here! We are the customer!

Even Ikea isn’t that bad.

So we walked out.

Steve Jobs once said that once the accountants get hold of the business, all is lost. It seems that with Steve Jobs gone, Apple has lost their way. Clearly they need Russell Crowe to sort them out.



One Comment

  1. Defrauded by Apple.

    Since the begining I experienced a lot of problems with this Imac, the customer service today hang on on me, while i stayed quiet and raise a list of all things going worng with the computer, i was talking to a frenh department at 2 pm serial number dgkhx005dmw8,

    i forget to use the email porgram apple, it has never worked well, i was getting this colored wheel all the time, for hours impeaching me to work, the tried to help me we set up a guest user and delete all email with signature , infos i could not retreived after, thnak you!

    then the email was corrupted again and never worked, so i quit using it, i baughta program for invoicing numbers, it has not works for 20 more products, its a bug too. Factura too is a pure bug. so i stop using, buying or downloading any app apple.

    the apple id has never worked too, each time they asked me to change it or they don’t recognize my password.

    i never could donwload any of the update or when i could log in once and download one, it never recognized it as being downloaded.

    3 days ago, i tried to turn on the computer and it was not working, for 2 weeks since it has crashed, i was turning it on and off using the button as the colored wheel was displayed and impeach me to do any forcing to turn it off.

    i wander if i did not damaged the computer by turning it on and off this way while i was having the first email bug, i simply think now the email is corrupted.

    today so, i called apple and they hang on on me ,and told me all i could so now 45 days after my purchase is selling it and they hang on.

    in my life i never seen such crappy product but the customer servive is much worst, i really regert my rpuchase like never in my life before and i will post this message on all internet forums so people know what to wait from apple.

    at the store they forst said it was 30 days to get your money back ,then they said it is 15 dya,s

    i stop using the apple mouse as it simply cut my finger, i do not find convenient the red button to close a window and alos the keyboard touch, as the mouse are very odd to human touch, that is why i prefer also a blackberry thna a Iphone, its very cute but in hands it has nothing of human, i mean its very odd to handle, and as odd as using this imac,

    I lived myself in california 7 years and by getting an imac i thaught i was getting a customer support, i simply have the feeling of being defrauded today.


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