Gambling with Sydney’s foreshore is risky business

Fatty O’Barrell launched an adamant statement that the casino at Barangaroo will deliver economic benefits previously undreamed of to Sydney.

The rivers of gold will once more flow to the emerald city and we will all soon be as rich and fat as James Packer.

So it’s not worth having a full-blown analysis of the social costs when really it’s obvious – it’s the economy, stupid!

There’s 1400 low-paid jobs to be had. Hooray! If you are dreaming of a career involving badly fitted shiny vests and shiftwork, look no further!

If the people of Sydney were dreaming of parkland space and cultural exhibits, well, is there anything more cultural than a high-roller as s/he wafts past, dripping with bling and smelling of money.

High rollers are very special people, you understand. You can’t just pick them up at Woollies on your Frequent Buyer card. They come from China and they will fly right over the casinos of Macau and Hong Kong to come to our fair shores and go to Fat James’s special high rollers room. Economic benefit people!

Nothing else matters.



  1. And the gaming rooms are designed to not show the outside world, and don’t have windows etc, so then why put the casino on the harbour foreshore, or even in the harbour? Especially when the high rollers aren’t encouraged to take in the views.
    Maybe they could put them along the great Parramatta Rd trench?


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