US Politics make us look like the P&C

US politics may be bad for the world. Think unwinnable wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq plus some ill-advised skirmishes in Africa. It’s also a bad influence on weak minds. You can’t tell me Barnaby Joyce doesn’t read 50 Shades of The Tea Party Diaries at night.

But despite the loonies, whackjobs, nastiness, bad hair and gun politics, it’s still the greatest show on earth. Tell me I’m wrong?

Does anything, even a speech on The West Wing, come close to a black US candidate promising change. Sure it came to nothing, like it always had to. I mean even Jesus himself couldn’t change the world, but what a great soundbite. What a great youtube moment!

Is there anything more adorable that a Cindy doll nodding in the background to Newt Gingrich‘s pronouncements on marriage when his ex-wife lobs a bombshell? Is there anything more ridiculous than Rick Santorum. And is there anything better than seeing Bill Clinton still playing that crowd like the old pro he is, while Hilary jets about like James Bond‘s M?

As I say – supersized entertainment.

Meanwhile back in Canberra, it’s looking more and more like the local chapter of the CWA. A bunch of old women scrabbling over scone recipes. And that’s just Tony and Malcolm.

The biff of Australian Federal politics is about as exciting as the Southern Idaho Baptist Democrats Mini Convention. It’s got the sex appeal of limp lettuce and the smug self-importance of Deniliquin.

I could forgive them if they were doing something important, say passing laws that I tell them to pass, for instance. Or finding a cure of cancer and creating world peace on the side.

American politics is nowhere near finding well peace and at its core, it too, is all about biff. But it also is other things too. It’s entertaining, and at times enthralling, blood boiling, idealistic, and just plain big.

And it’s a change from local politics. And that’s change I can believe in.




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