Middle America should get out more

In some states of America only 10 per cent of the population have passports. Heck, why d’ya wanna leave the greatest country on earth? God‘s own country has malls! Deep fried chicken! Guns ‘n’ Jaysus!

Other places on earth are commie hellholes, where people dream of ‘Merica. That’s certainly the view of middle America, ie the middle of the country, where passports are as rare as a garden salad and gun control is a swearword. It’s no surprise that most of the good ole mid west votes Republican. Democrats are pinko gay tree-hugging tax whores. Yawl got that?

Right, good.

So, here’s the thing. Most states who vote Republican are in the middle. Something about seawater makes people vote Democrat. Or at least makes them aware there is a sea and that there are other people out there. Other people mean other ideas.

So, why not do a bit of a swap?

It was easy enough to do Wife Swap on telly; so why not organise a bit of a Life Swap, and get the mid-west out a bit more.

The view from the couch on the other side of world, is that the mid-west needs some education not sponsored by Fox. They need some new experiences, ideas and maybe a glimpse of the sea.

And then, if they still want to vote for a fat cat capitalist billionaire who belongs to a religion where they wear strange underwear, well that’s completely up to them.

But first sniff the sea air and have a walk on the beach, drink some pina coladas and … well you never know, they may end up holding hands with a Democrat.

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