One must ask, where are Charles and Camilla?

Charles et Camilla are in Oz. It’s Camilla’s first time downunder, so that’s nice, and they are going to the Melbourne Cup. So it’ll be good to knock the US Election off the front page for a moment.

Speaking of the front page. Why is Camilla missing off the front page of the newspaper. Why aren’t we seeing pix. I know they are middle-aged and saggy now but where are the shots? I would like to know what they are wearing and how stupid they look in their tricked up royal RM Williams get up.

They went to Longreach yesterday to the Stockman’s Hall of Fame and ate some lamb cutlets. You can’t tell me that’s not photoworthy! It’s Chuck and Cam! Eating a chop! At Longreach! If this were Keith and Nicole or Princess Mary of Denmark and her dopey (yet princely) husband, the paps would be out in force. There’d be a week of chop-eating front page frolicking.

But no, because they are a bit wrinkly, it doesn’t matter that they have hot names, are royalty, cashed up and our future monarch, nah, page 23 will do, right up there with the Canberra elections.

I’m outraged. One must not put up with that and I hope the paps can find time to snap them today, even if Jennifer Hawkins has to get int the photo to make it worth taking.


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