If you can’t handle the heat, step away from the beach

In winter everyone dreams of summer, with its fifty shades of fun: picnics, swimming, mangoes, champagne, cold chicken, colder beer, cabana boys… But anyway, back to the blog.

Summer is the place everyone dreams of through the cold and carb-filled winter. But 40 degrees is not part of the equation. Nothing is fun about searing heat, humidity straight out of South East Asia and air that feels like a fan-forced oven. Or seeing all your plants die and spending the day in the air-conditioning. That’s not living and it’s not summer.

So why (and 702 Twitter this question is for you) did you recommend that people go to the beach on a 40 degree day as follows?

#Hotweather 36 degrees in syd tomorrow, 42 out west, chance of showers and storms in late arvo & very hot overnight…enjoy the beach!

Que? Enjoy the beach? At 36-42 degrees with afternoon storms! This is irresponsible, as well as being not much fun. We’re talking sunburn, heatstroke, premature wrinkles, not to mention parking hell and overpriced hipster beach food.

So, 702 ABC Sydney, it might be time to take this Gen Y Tweeter by the budgie smugglers and give them a talking to about the dangers of hot weather. Because … just because it’s hot doesn’t make it good, even at the beach.


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