And another thing about flying pigs

And while we’re at it, (see previous rant) Qantas’s logo “You’re the reason we fly” is very annoying. And a big fat Alan Joyce-flavoured lie.

So that’s why they left thousands of people stranded last year. Ok, the year before last now, but still in recent memory!

That’s why they disrupted thousands of people’s plans and caused people to miss weddings, funerals and pajama parties. Not very customer-focussed Alan Joyce!

If Qantas tells any more porkies like that its nose will be so long it won’t be able to get lift-off. I would much prefer some truth in advertising. Something along the lines of “We are a once-great airline now turned into a notch below Ryanair and we want to scrape together an executive bonus at the expense of staff, customers and anyone who is not called Alan Joyce . That is the reason we fly.”

And that is the reason I don’t fly Qantas.

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