Parramatta and Double Bay – why are they the same prices?

This is a tale of two postcodes.

Double Bay, postcode 2028, is ritzy, glam and one of Sydney’s, in fact, one of Australia’s richest ‘burbs.

Parramatta, postcode 2124, is the almost the geographical centre of Sydney. It is fairly scruffy, a bit bogan meets battler and not exactly flush with wealth.

Both Double Bay and Parramatta have pubs. So why are the food prices the same? Case in point. The Golden Sheaf Hotel at Double Bay has a restaurant, where you can pick up dinner from around $8 to $30. So does The Albion Hotel at Parramatta. Item for item they are around the same price (or even a little more at Parramatta).

Look at Double Bay’s Golden Sheaf’s website and you’ll see a Caesar Salad for $12; add chicken and it’s $18. OK, now go to The Albion’s website at Parramatta and you’ll find a Caesar Salad is $15 and with chicken it is $20. Pizzas are between $16 and $21 at Parramatta and at Double Bay they are between $14 and $20 (Double Bay calls them Stonebreads).

The portions at Double Bay are smaller, the food is more “cheffy” and is delivered to your table by an attractive, yet frustrated actor. At Parramatta you pick it up yourself from the counter. At Double Bay after 6pm there’s free parking. At Parramatta outside The Albion it is metered.

What I want to know is why is the food the same price?

Both hotels have to pay for bouncers.

But, here’s the thing, Double Bay has free live music.

And they allowed us to taste a few wines prior to buying a bottle.

Maybe Parramatta has jelly wrestling later. I don’t know. But it does seem strange that one of the more underprivileged areas of Sydney is paying the same as one of the richest. But then we have known for a long time there is something rotten in the state of NSW, eh Eddie.


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