Beachside burgers take back seat

Recently I went to Terrigal, a somewhat swish beachside burb, just north of Sydney. At the Surf Life Saving Club is a beachside cafe. It’s an outdoor cafe, with plastic seating and a menu that averages the $15 mark for lunch. In other words, it’s a proper cafe! And there’s not a single junk food item to be seen.

That’s right. No burgers, fries, paddle pops or anything with fake banana flavouring in it. I mean’s it’s just not the beach without the smell of deep-fried gunk and food not resembling actual food. It goes so well with the salt air and desperate feeling of squeezing into your cozzie.

You could say it’s part of Terrigal becoming gentrified, but Terrigal has always been pretty genteel and in the past it always dished up hamburgers at the beachside cafe. I like a little non-junk food from time to time, as much as the next person, but the thing is a corn fritter with semi air-dried tomatoes and grass-fed asparagus, just isn’t smelling like the beach.


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