Walk it off: Sydney transport woes keep me fit

I don’t know why people in Sydney would bother joining a gym. Why would you need to when you can just fill in the public transport gaps by walking?

The other night I went to Vivid in Sydney. In a rush of blood to the head, NSW Transport had put out a glossy colour brochure about Vivid, advertising a free ferry every 15 minutes from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay. If it sounds too good to be true, well it was.

When we arrived some people had been waiting for half an hour already. When the ferry arrived, only a small proportion of the crowd managed to get a berth on the ferry, and the plank operator said it would be another half an hour for the next one.

So …. many people there would have ended up waiting an hour for a ferry. Or they could have just gone to the nearby velvet lounge and got drunk.

Which is the only response to Sydney Transport.

I don’t mind so much that there’s an off-chance of a ferry you can get onto every half hour to an hour. But, note to organisers of Vivid and anything to do with ferries – don’t advertise it.

If we had realised that Sydney Transport was up to its usual tricks, we would have just walked down to Circular Quay in the first place.

I’m not complaining (ranting, yes, complaining, no!) as I got in an extra walk I wouldn’t have got otherwise. As I say, Sydney Transport keeps me walking.


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