An epic listicle of expressions I hate

Inspired by Adam Zwar’s excellent paid rant in the SMH the other day, I’d like to knock off some of Adam’s pet hates and contribute a few of my own thoughts on expressions that should henceforth be banned.

  1. It’s all good – no it’s not. Sometimes it’s bad or ordinary. Besides, if Gwyneth Paltrow’s book title is It’s All Good, then you know you should never use this expression again.
  2. Epic – this word is doing the rounds in epic, sorry, very large, numbers. Everything is epic, including restaurant dishes, holidays, parties, movies. The only thing it is not applied to is people’s waistlines, which is the only epic thing I’m seeing post Christmas.
  3. Pulled pork – what is this? Isn’t it just meat?
  4. Listicle – sounds like some icy, bright-coloured treat, but it’s just an ordinary old dot point list.
  5. Selfie – I would like this to go back to the place it came from, which I highly suspect was KRudd’s media advisor (aka KRudd).
  6. Reach out – what happened to just talking to someone? It’s not a North Carolina Jesus Convention. It’s just talking.
  7. All corporate speak. All of it. You know who you are: have a conversation, with respect, outcomes, tasked, incentivize – it’s all a bad listicle of euphemisms for getting the sack, more work or an epic please explain.
  8. Twerking. I have no idea what this is but I do know Clive Palmer should not be doing this in public.
  9. Onesie – nuff said.

Image: Sue and Steve Show


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