Beware buzzwords bearing resilient, strong women



These days we are supposed to be agile, resilient, respectful, innovative, flexible, and if you are female, add a strong woman to the mix. I’ve heard the buzzword strong woman in recent years more often than I’ve had hairstyles and I’m still none the wiser. Of course, it’s never said, but implied that if you’re not resilient, strong and agile then somehow it’s your fault and you are a loser.

Of course, marketeers are very happy to have new buzzwords to play around with. The need for resilience can launch a thousand products. Anything really from deodorant to kale and linen to lipstick. Who doesn’t want resilient lipstick? It’s the lipstick of choice for strong women. Governments also love it. More mayhem, chaos, inconvenience plus a longer commute will just be absorbed by the population’s increased resilience. Hooray, win win. Governments can get away with cutting services, grinding down public transport, eroding parks and community facilities because the citizens are more resilient, agile and innovative. Never mind the extra 45 minutes standing up on the bus because the trains are out for ten months. Resilience people! Strong Women!

I wonder whether these words have crept into the zeitgeist because it’s the only way to get through the day let alone the year. Bombarded as we are with so much bad news, roadworks, austerity cuts during 27 years of economic growth that we are permanently just one stop away from a meltdown on a delayed train after a too-long day. Of course, these characteristics are useful personal qualities to have, but part of me thinks they sure as hell benefit the government as well. I wonder if public transport was upgraded, working hours reduced, community services restored and green spaces increased, if we would have a need for resilience and agility and empowerment. Something for a strong woman to ponder.


Loads of dosh – ask any adman

Budget cuts and we have no money is a common catchcry. From the government to any self-respecting banana muncher, the piggy bank has run dry.

Really? Because if the mining industry has paid $22 million dollars worth of advertising to stop the mining tax, well someone has some money. Mining magnates and adpeeps for a start, and possibly extended to Shane Warne and the Masterchef franchise and a roof restorer based in FNQ. Then there’s all those people (anyone willing to come forward?) who Tony Abbott wants to donate money to stop paying money.

So, actually there is loads of moolah floating around but it’s being spent on things that adpeeps like. So that would be ecstasy tablets and any bar run by Justin Hemmes.

As for flood rebuilding, cyclone rebuilding, public education, hospitals, swimming pools or public anything – including outrage – forget about it. As usual the taxpayer gets slugged. But here’s the thing – the people knocking back ecstasy and drinking banana dacquiris chez Hemmes are getting richer by the vatload.

We may as well bring out Silveo Berlusconi to come fix the mess. Why not? We have the drugs and as for the Mafia bribes and underage prostitutes – Joe Tripodi can fix the rest.