Aussie Winter Olympics Coverage: s’no good

If Channel Ten was hoping to inject a little snow magic into their Winter Olympics coverage, it’s more like a whiteout. With the exception of Roy & HG, the TV coverage is a 50-shades-of-bogan medley of skateboarding on snow and moguls. These are sports where Australia actually has an entry. Then Channel 10 tries to make it seem like this person is a star and relentlessly shows said hopeful eating cereal, hanging out with granddad, walking along the beach at sunset and answering questions like “Would you like to win a gold medal for Australia?”

Said hopeful will then finish say, 15th, and the commentator will say “they have put the world on notice”. I am not making this up. Then there are repeats of the top 15 performance. Note to Channel 10 – top 15 is not a medal! Note to taxpayers – we are funding this!

Meanwhile, back in Sochi, there are some fabulous events going on, with good-looking men in lycra, and we are seeing bugger all of it, due to there being no actual Australians who can ski downhill fast.

I’d like to see more ski jump, downhill and skating. More scenery and more Scandinavians in lycra. That’s what I call viewing gold.