Not So Easy Rider

Yesterday my husband took to the great open road on his mid life crisis motorbike. (Men have much more expensive mid life crisis toys than women, but that’s a blog for another time.)

What I wanted to say was that he bought his bike so that he could feel the wind in his hair, the breeze on his face, the feeling of freedom. Sounds good – but wind in his hair – these old fogey bike riders don’t have any hair! As for breeze on their face, they are comprehensively encased in a wraparound helmet, worn out knees are padded up – and in short, they look like an alien version of The Stig.

If they really want the breeze on their face, a brisk walk should do it. What about racking up some carbon neutral points on a windsurfer for instance? Or just looking around the house, I reckon standing on a ladder cleaning out the guttering is a fabulous way to feel the wind on your head.