Giro this – porn for girls

If you like your porn best served with pink lycra, a bit of sweat on muscle and rolling Italian countryside, turn on your TV set.

That’s right – it’s Giro time! If you haven’t experienced the pleasures of the Giro before, it’s the Giro D’Italia – a professional cycling race in Italy¬†held in May. It’s the precursor to the Tour de France, which also has its fair share of porn for girls (scenery, lycra, cyclists) but the Giro is just, well, more Italian. It seems a bit more relaxed, but not too relaxed, if you know what I mean.

It’s attractive on so many levels. It’s best recorded so you can fast forward the ads and go back to the bits that particularly appeal (SBS 2 every night at 6pm). You can do a straight vanilla watch first, to see who wins (it’s fun pretending you actually follow it) and decide which bits need reviewing later. Then watch for the winsome scenery and then go back and watch for the sheer viewing pleasure of seeing extremely toned (but not beefcakey) men grunt up hills. It’s addictive, I tell you and just as good with the sound down.

It’s got an international flavour, which is good, as I like to mix it up. Europeans are well represented, there’s a smattering of Americans and a few patriotic moments when the Aussies do well. And what a relief that Aussie cyclists seem quite erudite, not a Warney in sight.

I’ve checked the website and know the schedule – there’s nearly two more weeks of Giro, and I intend lapping up every second.