Harry and Ginny – need some love magic

I realise this is old news, but on rewatching Harry Potter movies lately, it’s even more obvious about the massive flaw in the otherwise great story: Harry should not have married Ginny Weasley.

It’s this simple: Harry is top dog in the story, and he should get the top girl, queue Hermione.

Ginny Weasley is a nobody going nowhere. She’s not a specially talented witch, she doesn’t have a particularly memorable personality and she’s not exactly a trophy wife. She’s not even really girl-next-door. She’s just Ginny Weasley.

Hermione on the other hand is curse-reversing gorgeous (especially as played by Emma Watson), she’s one of the smartest and studious witches of her generation and she and Harry have been through so much together that they now belong together.

As for Hermione and Ron – where do we start? She is way out of his league. They don’t look good together, they have no conversation and he doesn’t even make her laugh. Sorry, but wrong, wrong, wrong. He’s a lovable dope (and on many occasions not so lovable) and she is the future principal of Hogwarts. Just saying.

But back to Harry and Ginny, if he couldn’t have got Hermione, I wouldn’t have minded so much if he had stayed with Cho Chang. She was nice, smart, sassy and just a little bit different, like Harry.

JK Rowling may have created one of the best series of books and characters in history, but it is a shame she meddled with his love life. He would have done just fine on his own.