Classic shock – bereft of B side

When Vega was launched, it promised us it wouldn’t be like the others. As well as the latest hits, as a brand new concept it would play the B-side of the record.  It would be, said the press release, a mix of intelligent talk, hits and interesting music. For anyone who can’t stand listening to Hotel California more than twenty-six times a day, this was music to our ears. 

Well that little experiment lasted about as long as it takes to say Ange, Tony, Bec and Mikey. 

With the death of Vega and the resurrection of Classic Rock FM, it’s back to the same old same old. We have yet another radio station promising the best of the 70s, 80s and 90s plus today’s best music. Ream upon ream of Heart of Glass, Eagle Rock (a great song ruined by overexposure) and anything by Terence Trent D’Arby.

Forget that the B-side of the record – only the done-to-death three minute riff is played.

For people allergic to Alan Jones or 2UE, and can only take a smidge of 702 before a pollie lowers the tone, there is nothing else on the dial. 

What we want is interesting music, B-sides, some hits but not a hit parade, no talking and no ads. Sounds like my ipod.