Nick D’Arcy – role model of what not to do

The Olympics are meant to be about fair play, doing your best, passion for sport and inclusiveness. That’s why it’s sick, with a dollop of extra sick on top, that Nick D’Arcy should be going to the Olympics.

It’s not because he decked someone that night, it’s not because he hides behind daddy, it’s not because he doesn’t seem that contrite, it’s not because his eyes are too close together and he has stupid hair. It’s because he declared bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy. No money? Really? ¬†So how does that explain the gazillions spent on legal fees, a shonky-as-hell PR firm, not to mention all the costs ¬†associated with the Olympics not picked up by the taxpayer. I’m sure there’d be lots of travel, diet, therapies that are paid for by D’Arcy Inc.

But nothing for a victim who has had two operations, had to change jobs and been thrust into the limelight for no good reason I can see. His only crime was he happened to suggest, according to witnesses, that D’Arcy should take it easy. And the rest is history.

In a funny way, D’Arcy is a victim of the system. His father protected him with his three prior assaults, ensuring it never went to court and he was not formally presented with his crimes. The judge presiding over the Cowley case, gave him an extraordinarily light sentence. Did D’Arcy’s father, a surgeon, exude some old-boys club pressure? And he is let down by Swimming Australia and the Australian Olympics group, who should have made a stand about bad behaviour, instead of gold at all costs. So in a way, D’Arcy is a victim of the system, and he clearly believes he has done nothing wrong.

It does look like D’Arcy is off to the Olympics. I’m sure most Australians don’t want him there representing them, and it is a shame that the pillars of society – judges and government sport bodies can’t man up and chuck him out.