New Year’s Eve – Resolution Solution

New Year’s Eve – it’s a funny night of sitting around with your ration of beers, and if you’re over 40 wishing you were tucked up in bed, or get home in time to watch The Bill. As for fireworks – forget it. Seen one, seen them all (along with caves, Easter Show and bonnet dramas).  

But last night went to a party where played a reslution game, kind of like a New Year’s Secret Santa. Here goes:  everyone writes 5 resolutions down in private and puts them into a bowl. Now here’s the interesting part – they can be serious, esoteric, mundane or downright silly. Then … you pick 5 out and read them to the group.  If you pick some of your own by chance, well, you know what Buddha says – there is no chance. And at this point you can tell the group if they get a resolution you so kindly wrote for them.

So here’s mine:

Build a bridge and get over it
Be more impulsive
Keep the weight off I’d lost
Do charity work
Learn 3 new dishes to cook

Happy New Year!