Julia’s bad ass speech is no bum steer

The latest political poll since the political hoo-ha a fortnight ago, when Jules told Tone what’s what, seems to be working for her. Up, up, polls are up for Julia. Technically not up enough to win an actual election but at this point, the Labor party is after as many Facebook friends as it can get.

In a surprise move, men have taken their bat and ball and joined Team Julia (however temporarily) and Tone is left with, well I dunno, I guess his wife and daughters he is so keen to parade around.

This is good news for anyone who thinks the political atmosphere has got out of hand and that everyone needs a smack. It is good news for anyone who suspects that The Real Julia might actually be someone they could share a cup of International Roast with and anyone who thinks pearls is a bad look on her. She needs a footy scarf not pearls!

It is also good news for anyone who enjoys watching Tony Abbott look as though he’d rather bury himself under a pile of ironing or hit himself in the head with a muffin tray when Julia gave her famous bad ass speech.

And it’s good news that the men of Australia¬†don’t mind a strong woman giving a lecture. Actually they quite enjoy it. Either that or¬†they’d like to biff Tony Abbott with a rolling-pin too.