Driver on board – oh, really?

I really hate these car stickers:

  • Baby on Board
  • Princess on Board
  • Princess-in-training on Board
  • Little People on Board
  • I Shoot and I Vote
  • I Fish and I Vote
I mean for God‘s sake, is there any kind of person, not to mention princess or baby who votes, shoots or fishes or rides in a car and wants to tell the world, or at least the person stuck behind them on the M5 about it. I’m thinking Magic Happens stickers are a whole lot less sick-making.
And don’t get me started on the My Family series of stickers.
What about we combine all these stickers into just a few all-encompassing slogans, like:
I Breathe and I Vote
I Pay Taxes and I vote
I Drive and I Vote
I Park, Drive and Vote
I Believe Magic Happens and I Vote
Taxpayer on Board
Pissed-off Sydney Driver on Board
There’s a million of them when you think about it. Taxpayer on Board – that’s got to catch on, don’t you think? Then add a hibiscus and you have a fad worth patenting.