Prince Harry rules rangas

Thank God for Prince Harry! If it wasn’t for him, the British taxpayers would not be getting their monies worth and England would be a place devoid of entertainment. Conversations would just be about the weather and the economy. Boring!

But, thanks to Harry, not boring at all any more. Is there nothing this young lad can’t do? Insult Germans and Jews alike, play strip polka and have the decency to get photographed doing it, get drunk regularly and be a poster boy for rangas everywhere. He’s it! He’s da man!

He’s divisive, charming, bogan, tragic all wrapped up in one appropriately untidy package.

It’s ace entertainment and I can only imagine the joy he is bringing to so many people. Harry is single-handedly saving newspapers from oblivion (for another few years at least) and providing material for an entire new course of security management.

If he wasn’t a royal, well he’d just be another lobster-skinned Pommie lout. This is the beauty of the whole thing. He’s just like us (or them actually).

The Royal Family are providing the Brits with a court jester par excellence, and long may he keep stuffing up on camera.

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