Desperately seeking a good groin shot

Thought that would get your attention!

The Oz Open is desperately seeking a new national hero. Sam Stosur has sulked out of the picture and the press never really had a handle on her anyway. The only label they could put on her was Little Aussie Battler, and that only sounds ok when she wins. Which is not much.

Tomic is the next hope but because Pat Rafter isn’t friends with him anymore means he’s lost the heart of any woman over 30 (hey, we are a HUGE demographic and very important.)

But now there is another young gun, James Duckworth. He didn’t actually win, but it doesn’t seem to matter because, as they say in the classics and on Margaret Court Arena, he was all heart. He looks like Ley Ley, only taller and better looking. His parents aren’t maniacs and he smears zinc over his lips and he seems more surfie and pro tennis. He belongs to us. Seven are running shots of Duckworth in an ice bath, warming up, an armpit shot and a groin shot. He’s not even in the top 100 yet but that hasn’t stopped Channel 7.

Ok it is a shame he didn’t actually win, but there is nothing like a post match ice bath for a good groin shot.

And that is what it is really all about.

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